Options Trading Positions | 13 March 2019 | Update 8

The Rally on NIFTY and BNF continued with strong momentum in today’s trading session also. NIFTY gained 40.50 points and BNF outperformed again by gaining a total of 440 points.

BNF stocks like HDFCBANK, INDUSIND BANK, SBIN and YESBANK saw strong buying interest and that pushed BNF level to yet another all time high today.

My Index Positions in NIFTY and BNF Stop loss got triggered and exited with loss. The expected retracement did not occur today.

Given that tomorrow is weekly expiry, the chances of my positions expiring worthless was high and so I had initiated Stop Loss for both of my Positions in NIFTY and BNF during the trading session.

Well, we can’t gain all the time. We don’t have to be disheartened about it. Its all about Probability, risk management and Capital protection. Controlling loss is completely within our hands. Regarding profits, we let the market decide what it wants to give us.

Let us move ahead and focus on new opportunities. My CIPLA position continues to gain premium and is performing well for now. I have not exited that position yet.

Today, I have initiated 3 new Call positions in MANAPPURAM, IBULSHGFIN and ICICIPRULI at the last hour of the trading session. All 3 stocks have been following HIGHER HIGHS and HIGHER LOWS over the last 30 trading sessions in a 60-minute chart timeframe.

The HH/HL trend is likely to continue throughout the remaining of March Expiry. MANAPPURAM is only 11 odd points away from its All time high and if it gives a breakout from that level, we are likely to see new highs.

From the next update onwards, I will do my best to share the option trading ideas that I’m looking at one day prior to initiation of the position.

Please do share your suggestions and ideas in the comment box below. It will be encouraging for me if anyone is benefitting in any manner from my options trading post.

Here is the status of my options trading positions as on March 13, 2019 EOD:


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Realized Profits: INR (+) 1, 51,832.50/-

Unrealized Profits: INR (+) 850/-

[DISCLAIMER: The options trading positions above are my personal trades and is intended for general information and educational purposes only, not a Buy/Sell recommendation. Please use your own risk management techniques. Any loss incurred from following my personal trades will solely be at your own risk]