Options Trading Positions | 8 March 2019 | Update 5

It was another session of range-bound market and not good for my options trading positions.

In the morning session, the market opened lower but all dips were being bought in. The market headed higher but finally could not sustain above resistance levels and ended in mild Red by EOD.

Basically for an Options trader, it was a Premium eating day. My expectations that big profit booking would occur did not materialize again.

Taking that into consideration, I made a few changes in my Options positions during the course of the trading session.

Whether Profit booking session occurs or not by the end of weekly expiry is not the core focus. The main indication is that Volatility is here to stay. Any big move in either direction is possible.

We will let the market decide whether it will follow through our analysis as well as expectation.

Keeping that in mind, I have reduced my Positions in BNF Calls. I have in turn, created a Strangle position to take advantage of a big move on either direction.

Please note that this type of strategy is very risky. If you are not sure about the Capital risk and Position sizing, I would not advise you to follow it.

Regarding individual stocks, I have exited from my IBULLHSGFIN Call as my SL got triggered. I have also intentionally exited from VEDL Calls as it was not working out as expected.

I believe more in Capital protection than Profits. This ensures continuity for a longer time and having the Capital to participate in future opportunities of my Options trading business.

Currently, I have 4 open positions. It would be easier to track and take quick decisions if the market goes in favour of my positions.

Here are the status of my options trading positions as on March 8, 2019 EOD.


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Realized Profits: INR (+) 61940/-

Unrealized Profits: INR(+) 2292.50/-

[DISCLAIMER: The options trading positions above are my personal trades and is intended for general information and educational purposes only, not a Buy/Sell recommendation.

Please use your own risk management techniques. Any loss incurred from following my personal trades will solely be at your own risk]