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Options Portfolio | March 2019 | Closed Positions


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Performance of my Options Portfolio in March 2019 has been extremely good. In my journey as an Option buyer, this has been one of the best months ever since I started trading options in 2016.

The total number of positions taken was 21 out of which 12 was in the positive side and 9 on the negative side.

The maximum returns for a single position were 540% and the maximum loss from a single position was 64%. On average, the returns from winning positions was 156% and from losing positions, it was 39%.

But we should not expect such returns on a monthly basis. Let us just keep working on refining our buying/selling strategy and let the market decide the rest.

Some few things that I believe I went out of my Trading rules and could have been avoided in March 2019 was:

More than 5 open positions at one go:

At one point in time, I had kept more than 5 open positions which had became hard for me to monitor each one of them.

It is during these situations that a lot of mistakes tend to happen. This has to be avoided in the next series and maximum open positions at any time cannot go above 4.

Bought more than one Lot for Individual scripts

This is another rule that I broke in the month of March 2019. In the last trading week, I had bought two Lots each of Heromotoco and Infosys looking at the cheap valuations of its options.

What I forgot was that we had just a few days left for expiry. I did rectify my mistake by getting out of both the positions in the next trading session but this can be avoided in the future. We need to stick to only one Lot, no matter how good the opportunity looks like.

Crossing the maximum limit for Index trading

There were some few instances when I had deployed more than INR 15000 on a single position in NIFTY and BNF trading. One of my rules was not to cross it above 15000 which I have broken.

By penning it down here in my blog, I expect not to repeat the same mistakes again if I’m to achieve my goals through options trading


Summarizing the month of March 2019, the points that we need to keep in mind for the next month trading session is:

  • Keep 4 open positions at a maximum at any point of time
  • Stick to one lot per idea for individual scripts
  • For Index trading, let’s keep a limit of INR 10000 for BNF and INR 15000 for Nifty for a single position.
  • Let us try to trade a maximum of 15-18 positions for the whole month. Above this can be considered as overtrading for my buying strategy.

See you all in the next series of April 2019!

DISCLAIMER: The Options Portfolio above are my personal trades based on my own analysis and is intended for general information and educational purposes only. It is not a Buy/Sell recommendation. Please use your own risk management techniques. Any loss incurred from following my personal trades will solely be at your own risk.