10 Must read Trading Books for Beginners + Important points to understand before you start trading
As a new Trader, knowledge is one of most important parameters to successful trading. It is the grass root foundation on which you will build successful strategies, be able to understand how to select good quality stocks and managing, minimizing risk. Trading in the stock market requires a lot of preparation, hard work and knowledge… (0 comment)

How to read Nifty option chain – A simple Explanation
As a new trader, when you look at Nifty option chain, it may look like a bunch of random numbers. But an option chain gives us important information about the underlying asset and its probable future position. Learn to understand Nifty options chain to be a more informed trader. It is of utmost importance in… (1 comment)

Warren Buffett recommended books list for every budding Investors
Which books are in Warren Buffett recommended books list? What does a billionaire investor like Warren Buffett read to expand his knowledge? Warren Buffett used to read over 1,000 pages during his early investing career which helped him to become the most successful Investor today. He is also referred as the ‘Oracle of Omaha’. Some… (0 comment)

Best Technical analysis books for identifying Stock trends
Technical Analysis is a proven technique that allows you develop an understanding on the movement of a particular stock or index. It also helps you define the trade keeping in mind the entry, exit and risk perspective. Getting the right knowledge and a strong foundation in Technical analysis is the stepping stone to successful trading.… (0 comment)