Welcome to Nifty Greeks!

A financial market blog started to simplify all aspects of trading, investing, sharing market related knowledge, market buzz, Nifty trend and forecasting.

Nifty Greeks started  with the idea to promote:

  • Simple approach to trading and Investing knowledge
  • A platform for sharing specific global trending topics
  • Sharing tools required for your trading and investing

Overall, This blog is basically to uncomplicate everything related to the financial markets.

My name is M Kithan and I started off as an avid Investor in the Indian Stock Markets since 2010.

With some lucky calls, I made some money by investing and started active trading in 2013.

Over the next course of 2 years, I managed to blow my trading account twice due to inadequate knowledge, emotional trading and no risk management or money management.

After that I decided to completely stop all trading and focus on learning trading thoroughly by studying, observing and paper trading.

Now, I have been consistently trading real time with limited risk and limited rewards strategies since 2015.

On a personal level, I started this blog mainly for the following reasons:

For a new trader or investor, markets can be very confusing. The clutter of information available and lack of proper guidance makes it a very difficult task.

More than 90% new Investors or Traders spend years to learn trading and then blow up their whole trading account and ultimately give up trading completely.

To share my personal interest and opinion about Nifty trend and forecasting

As someone who has gone through all that experiences, and grasping the process, I hope that through this blog, I would be able to contribute in any small way to make a smooth transition to your trading experience

“My concept of trading, is in identifying opportunities based on simple holistic approach comprising of technical analysis, price volume action, deploying the optimal strategies, solid risk and capital management.”

I also follow macro and microeconomic events to understand the overall global and local trends, industry and corporate specific to take informed decisions.

If you interested in my opinions on investing and trading, market outlook, market related articles, simplistic trading, small but consistent returns strategies, then please visit my blog regularly.

I would try my best to provide unbiased detailed in-depth analysis through content, presentation of available data and also through my own trading experience.

Please email me at niftygreeks@gmail.com for any queries.